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Search Engine Optimisation and its Importance

When it comes to internet marketing, one of the best ways to get people to your website is through organic search engine traffic. Search engine marketing is one of the most important aspects of any internet marketing campaign and that is exactly why you need to be aware of how to do it properly in order to be successful. Search engine marketing can mean many different things, but at its core is a series of techniques that are collectively known as search engine Optimisation (SEO). Search engine Optimisation, when done correctly, can result in a stream of traffic to your website that will allow you to increase the amount of sales that you do.

Importance of Optimisation

There are many reasons as to why search engine Optimisation is important but the main reason that it is important has to do with the idea of targeted leads. When you place a banner on another website, what do you know about the type of people that visit your website? For most webmasters, the answer is not much. While you know the people that visit you are interested in the material on the other website and were interested in your banner, at the same time it is also important to realize that you really don’t know if they are interested in what your website has to say. On the other hand, if you get those same people from a search engine where they typed in a keyword that led them to your website, you can be a lot surer that they have some interest in what you are writing about on your website.

Why is interest important? Primarily, it is important because a targeted lead is usually a more responsive lead than a non-targeted one. This means that you can get a fewer number of leads to your website from search engines than from banner advertising and still make more money in the long run because targeted leads tend to convert at a higher percentage than their non-targeted counterparts. Search engine Optimisation can give you targeted leads, which is why it is viewed as being an extremely important skill for people to master.

Finally, there is a monetary aspect to this as well. When you consider the importance of search engine Optimisation, one thing that you absolutely must factor into the equation is the fact that while search engine Optimisation may take some time to be truly effective, at the same time it is also free to do if you learn how to do it yourself. This means that once you have search engine Optimisation working for you, you can stop with the banner advertising and ultimately save some money that you were previously spending on non-Optimisation internet marketing techniques.


Search engine Optimisation, for the reasons above, is one of the most important tactics that you could ever learn in internet marketing. If you want to sell products online or make money online through the use of a website, then search engine Optimisation is most definitely a skill that you are going to need to learn.